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Our Team

Call our 24 hour hotline (440-244-1853 / 440-323-3400) to reach any of our staff.

Evelisse Atkinson – Legal Advocate

Elizabeth Bauza – Child Advocate

Virginia Beckman  – Executive Director

Kora Blakely – Shelter Advocate

Mary Bodmann – Shelter Advocate

Darlene Caputo – Shelter Advocate

Christine Cole – Shelter Advocate

Soniqua Gettis – Shelter Advocate

Jennifer Gosnell–MAP facilitator

Laura Hite – Aftercare Coordinator

Rochelle Holley – Shelter Advocate and Donations Coordinator

Kathy Holoway – Shelter Advocate

Meg McIntyre – Manager of Community Education & MAP Supervisor

Elizabeth Patterson – Marketing Assistant and Coordinator of Special Projects

Regan Phillips – Outreach Advocate

Becky Pitzrick – Legal Advocate

Lynne Rose – Shelter Manager

Heather Roule – Shelter Advocate

Barb Rutt–Shelter Advocate and Outreach to Special Populations

Dave Sokoll–MAP facilitator

Simin Wahdat – Legal Advocate

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