Advocacy For Special Populations

Special Populations & Domestic Violence

For the elderly and persons with physical or mental disabilities, the risk for domestic violence is much greater. For these special populations with physical and/or mental disabilities it can be much harder to leave an abuser because of their disability and reliance on an abusive person. At Genesis House our Special Populations Advocate works to ensure that Domestic Violence victims of advanced age and people with disabilities get the specialized help and support they need as they go through the process of breaking free from an abuser. 


Red Flags Of An Abusive Person For Special Populations 
Abuse Later In Life Power & Control Wheel 
Trauma & People with Disabilities
Safety Planning Guide For People With Disabilities
Guide to Responding to Suspected Abuse of People With Disabilities
Resources For Crime Victims With Disabilities 
Special Populations Power & Control Wheels

Did You Know?


  • Police are less likely to respond to reported violence against victims with disabilities than they are to reported violence against victims without disabilities. Police respond to 90% of reports by victims without disabilities and 77% of reports by victims with disabilities.


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24/7 Crisis Hotline

Safety Planning

Adult Safety Plan Guide 

Safety Plan Worksheet 

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