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  • Hotline Info

    24 Hour Hotline: (440)244-1853 / (440)323-3400
    TTY: (440)244-1867
    Toll Free: 1-866-213-1188
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  • Keep Self Safe

    Keep yourself safe when visiting our site.
    The Genesis House provides an escape link at the bottom of every page to prevent others from discovering your visit to this site.
    Click anywhere on the RED ESCAPE button and you'll be immediately redirected to a default page.
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Child Safety Plan

My Escape Plan Checklist:

  • I will know how to call 911 or 0 for help
  • I can tell a family member or a friend.

  • I can talk with my schoolteacher or counselor

  • I can save money for a phone call at a pay phone

  • If I have a house key, I will keep it in a safe place

  • I will keep a few of my favorite things together in case we have to leave suddenly

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