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Children’s Support Services

The Child Advocate at Genesis House provides a consistent, predictable, safe, and nurturing atmosphere for children residing at the shelter.  She is able to focus on specific aspects of the trauma children have experienced.  By working one-on-one and in groups with the children, she is able to alleviate some of the post-traumatic symptoms such as extreme anxiety, impulsiveness, withdrawn or depressed behavior, or sleep difficulties.  The Child Advocate helps the child understand that they are not alone and develop skills to survive the experience by breaking the secret in the family.  The children learn safety planning and strengthen their self-esteem.  The Child Advocate is also an art therapist and conducts art-as-therapy activities for the children at the shelter, as well as offering groups in the community.

Escape Plan for Children

You have the right to feel safe. Home can sometimes be a place that is not safe because someone is using their body and or words to hurt the people in your home. This is a safety plan for you to follow when someone in our home becomes violent, and you feel scared.

My Escape Plan

  • I will know how to call 911 or 0 for help

  • I can tell a family member or a friend

  • I can talk with my schoolteacher or counselor

  • I can save money for a phone call at a pay phone

  • If I have a house key, I will keep it in a safe place

  • I will keep a few of my favorite things together in case we have to leave suddenly

Resources for working with children who have experienced domestic violence

The NCTSN (National Child Traumatic Stress Network) Domestic Violence Group developed this series, drawing on the experiences of domestic violence survivors, research findings, and reports from domestic violence program advocates and mental health professionals.

*   How Does Domestic Violence Affect Children?<>

*   Celebrating Your Child’s Strengths<>

*   Before You Talk to Your Children: How Your Feelings Matter<>

*   Listening and Talking to Your Children About Domestic Violence <>

*   The Importance of Playing with Your Children <>

*   Keeping Your Children Safe and Responding to Their Fears <>

*   Managing Challenging Behavior of Children Living with Domestic Violence <>

*   Where to Turn if You Are Worried About Your Children <>

*   Helping You Child Navigate a Relationship with the Abusive Parent <>

*   A Parent’s Self-Care and Self-Reflection <>

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