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Men's Anti-Violence Program (M.A.P.)
A Batterers Intervention Program

What Is M.A.P.?

Our Men's Anti-Violence Program is a 26-week program for men who have perpetrated domestic violence against a female intimate partner.

M.A.P is a victim-focused program that is different from anger management. Our M.A.P. program follows the Duluth Model which is the "most widely accepted approach in the world for intervening with batterers and keeping women safer". The Duluth Model for batterers intervention has been studied over time and found that 68% of men who complete the program have not reappeared in the criminal justice system in 8 years.

Adapted From: Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs (DAIP), Deluth, MN
  • Men who have perpetrated domestic violence against a woman in an intimate partnership
  • Men who self-identify as perpetrators of interpersonal violence
  • Women
  • Men who have been charged with DV against a family member not an intimate partner.
  • Males under 18 years of age
  • Men who are currently battling an addiction and not seeking treatment
  • Men who have a pending charge (once a criminal case is complete and sentencing is established, these men will be eligible)
  • Men with cognitive disabilities that will impede their ability to be successful in group

Who Is Eligible?

What is the Duluth Model?

'The Duluth Model is the most widely-adopted approach in the world for intervening with men who batter and keeping women safer. It has influenced and shaped much of national and state-level policy around batterer intervention and domestic violence work because of its innovative methods and success. Our research has shown that 68% of men who pass through our criminal justice response and are sent to our men’s nonviolence classes have not reappeared in the criminal justice system over a course of eight years. The strength of our intervention model comes from basing every intervention firmly on the experience of women who have been battered, coordinating a consistent criminal justice system response for men who batter, and offering these men opportunities for change. The effectiveness of this approach is witnessed by the men who have chosen to change and the women who report they are safer.”

How Is Our Program Different?
  • Victim Focused
  • Victim Participation
  • Not Anger Management Based
  • Meets Or Exceeds All Ohio Standards/Best Practices For BIP Programming


  • 26-week program

  • No Charge

  • 1.5 hrs. per group

  • Takes place on zoom


Genesis House Reserves The Right To Decide Who Is Eligible For M.A.P.

Referral Process


Give potential

group member the following contact information:

Eddy Marflak



Contact Eddy:

A potential group member must call, email, or fill out the form below to contact Eddy for an intake (not the referral source)



Eddy will meet with a potential group member for an intake.

Start Group:

MAP is an open group; eligible group members will begin group asap.

Sign Up For An Intake

Thanks for Signing Up, Eddy will reach out to you soon.

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