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Online Safety

Are you afraid someone will find out you are looking at domestic violence websites?

Without the correct security measures, someone can snoop and discover your outreach activities through email and internet browsing history.

Protect your Email:

If someone has access to your email account, they may be able to read your incoming and outgoing messages.

Things you can do to make your email account more secure:

  • Passwords: Choose a password that is difficult for anyone to guess. A mixture of letters and numbers with at least one capital letter is ideal. Don’t re-use passwords or use easily remembered names or dates. Change your password on a regular basis. Don’t keep a copy of your passwords where they may be discovered, on paper or electronically.  
  • Security settings: Depending on your email account or internet service provider (ISP) they may offer additional security features available for your use to keep your account more secure. Some offer ‘2-step verification’ or mobile phone notification when someone attempts to log on to your account. Make sure you understand these features and apply them before someone else can.

If anyone sends you threatening or harassing email messages, it helps to print and save them as evidence of this abuse. Additionally, the message may constitute a criminal offence. For more information, contact your local police department.

Keep your internet activity private:

Reaching out to domestic violence resources may be seen as a threat to the abuser. Keep your outreach activities private by remembering to clear your browsing history/cache on your browser.  See these pages for the following browsers:



Internet Explorer


Also included in the links are browser specific instructions on private browsing after you’ve cleared your data.

Keep your phone secure:

Private browsing options are also available on many smart phones. These settings are available through the settings menus while using the browser. If you can use a key lock or other passcode feature to gain access to the phone, do so and make sure not to share this information with anyone.

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