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P.R.E.D.I.C.T. – Workplace Violence

P.R.E.D.I.C.T.  (Prevention, Risk Evaluation, Direct Intervention, Community Training) is a program of Genesis House which offers training and consultation services in the area of workplace violence.

Does your company need workplace violence training?

Violence specifically directed against employers and employees by other employees is now the fastest-growing category of homicide in the U.S.

According to the American Society for Training and Development, rates of workplace homicide may have nearly tripled since 1989.

We can develop a training to address the specific needs of your company.

In an average week in U.S. workplaces, one employee is killed and at least 25 are seriously injured in violent assaults by current or former co-workers,” according to Managers Not Prepared for Workplace Violence, USA Today,  7-15-04.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in 2002, some 2 million American workers are victims of workplace violence each year.

Training Offered by P.R.E.D.I.C.T.

  • Hiring and Firing Practices

  • Inappropriate Pursuit

  • Safety Planning in the Work Environment

  • Workplace Violence Policies and Protocols

  • Survival Signals

  • Domestic Violence

  • Pre-Incident Indicators of Violence

Additional Services Offered by P.R.E.D.I.C.T.

  • Crisis Response Planning after a critical incident

  • Use of MOSAIC threat assessment system

Most managers devote significant time and energy to increasing the cost-effectiveness of several areas of their business, such as productivity and loss reduction. Many managers, however, are completely unfamiliar with the issues surrounding workplace violence and the fact that this kind of violence can pose a tremendous cost for companies.

The Workplace Violence Research Institute estimates costs of workplace violence to U.S. businesses at $36 billion per year.

P.R.E.D.I.C.T. can teach managers how to identify problematic situations and employees and then offers practical responses to these high-risk scenarios. Additionally, P.R.E.D.I.C.T. gives supervisors direct, explicit advice on hiring and firing practices that will best protect management and the company at large.

Call today to schedule a training: 1-866-213-1188.


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