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Support Groups

What Is A Support Group?

A support group is a safe, confidential gathering where members can talk openly about their experiences with domestic violence. Participants will benefit by sharing their stories and supporting each other. Support groups are also a place to learn about domestic violence and how to prevent future victimization.

Drop-In Domestic Violence Support Groups

Genesis House offers support groups for any survivor in the community over the age of 18 who has experienced abuse from a current or ex romantic partner. These support groups are confidential and facilitated by agency staff. Not only is it an opportunity to meet others in a safe and supportive environment, but also an opportunity to gain information on how to better cope with feelings and experiences that surface because of domestic violence issues. There is no commitment required; come for one meeting or come for them all. There are multiple times and locations to choose from. All support groups are free and open to the public. 
Support Group
Support Groups

How Can A Support Group Help Me Or Someone I Love?

Abusive relationships are unhealthy and can be life threatening. While most victims will eventually leave thier abusers, ending the relationships is complicated and takes time. A support group gives the victim a place to talk about thier experiences without fear of being judged or blamed for thier victimization.
While listening to the experiences of people who have been in similar circumstances, a victim will gain insight into thier abusers behavior, find the best way to end their dangerous relationship and live violence free.
Some other benefits of support groups are:
  • Feeling less lonely and isolated
  • Rebuilding community connections 
  • Gaining a sense of empowerment and control
  • Improving coping skills
  • Reducing depression and anxiety
Don't just take it from us, here is what some of our former group participants had to say about Genesis House support groups:
"The support groups at Genesis House really helped me feel hopeful and start to like myself again. The other people in the group were so supportive. They really cared about me when I didn't care about myself."
- Former support group participant
"After I finished the programing with the Genesis House I had a renewed sense of purpose"
- Former support group participant
"Even though I never stayed in the shelter I did go to the support groups. They taught me about the abuse and how it was affecting my whole life. Now I'm healthier and happy because I changed my situation."
- Former support group participant
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