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Teen Safety Plan

Safety Planning With A Teen

  • Which adults can I tell about the abuse?

  • Who can I tell at school so that I can stay safe while I’m there?

  • Who can I call for a ride if I need to leave a situation fast?

  • Where are the local police departments in my neighborhood?

  • How can I change my route to and from school, and how can I change my routine in general so that it’s difficult to follow me?

  • Do I need to change my cell phone number?

  • Does my abusive partner have the codes and combinations to things?

  • Can I make a code word with my friends or family that would indicate to them that I’m in trouble and I need their help?

  • Am I eligible for a protection order, or can I press criminal charges against my abusive partner?

  • Which friends can I walk home with, or walk to class with?

  • What other things can I do?

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