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What We Do: Services

Genesis House provides a comprehensive range of family-focused services for Lorain County Victims of Domestic Violence.

The goal of the program is to help families break the patterns of violence in relationships. When violence occurs in a relationship, it is extremely detrimental to those family members living through it and to the community at large.

We provide assistance to:

  • Women who are living in a verbally and physically violent world. She may feel trapped by fear, shame and guilt. She may feel trapped by tradition, economics and her love for her family. Many women feel they have no other option but to stay and try to survive.
  • Children who are living in the violence. They suffer physically as well as emotionally. The scars can remain throughout their entire lives. Research shows that children raised in violent homes are more likely to perpetuate the cycle of violence as adults.


  • 24-hour shelter phone hotline

  • Shelter and safety for women and children in immediate danger

  • Crisis counseling

  • Women in shelter make their own plans and decisions, but staff can direct them to agencies throughout Lorain County who can help them seek a job, housing, transportation and childcare.

Most battering includes two or more of the following types of violence:

Physical Abuse: Includes slapping, punching, kicking, choking, grabbing, restraining, shoving, and the use of weapons.

Sexual Abuse: Includes forcing someone to have sex against their will or forcing a partner to participate in sexual acts that the partner is not comfortable with doing.

Psychological Abuse: Includes threatening to use physical violence, name calling, continually putting down the other person’s abilities or worth.

Destruction of Property: Includes throwing objects, putting holes in walls, destroying property belonging to a partner or hurting the family pet.


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