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What is Abuse?

Abuse is a pattern of physically and emotionally violent and coercive behaviors that one person uses to exercise power and control over another. Abusers may use verbal insults, emotional abuse, financial deprivation, threats, and/or sexual and physical violence as a way to dominate their partners and get their way. Here are some examples of abusive behaviors:

Verbal Abuse:

  • Yelling
  • Threatening to hurt, injure or kill
  • Criticizing appearance
  • Constant blaming
  • Name calling
  • Degrading women in general
  • Belittling accomplishments

Emotional Abuse:

  • Making false promises
  • Isolation from others
  • Constant phone calls
  • Abusing pets
  • Monitoring conversations
  • Criticizing friends, family
  • Undermining authority with children
  • Offering false hope
  • Ridiculing, criticizing, blaming
  • Ignoring/withholding affection
  • Accusing of affairs
  • Making account for time
  • Embarrassing in front of others

Financial/Resource Abuse:

  • Taking or breaking phone
  • Running up debts
  • Sabotaging work or school
  • Quitting or losing jobs
  • Destroying property
  • Taking keys/purse
  • Withholding child support
  • Taking or disabling car
  • Withholding financial information
  • Controlling money/bank accounts
  • Making account for expenditures

Sexual Abuse:

  • Constant sexual demands
  • Forcing unwanted sexual acts
  • Committing rape or incest
  • Forcing sadistic sexual acts
  • Forcing pregnancy or abortion
  • Forcing to have sex with others
  • Treating others as sex objects
  • Wanting sex after abuse
  • Calling fat, ugly, no good in bed
  • Making demeaning sexual remarks
  • Forcing family members to see pornographic materials
  • Insisting on unwanted and uncomfortable touching

Physical Abuse:

  • Holding down
  • Burning
  • Hair pulling
  • Throwing or hitting with objects
  • Locking in or out of house
  • Subjecting to reckless driving
  • Using a knife or gun
  • Refusing to help with sick or injured
  • Shoving, strangling
  • Kicking, biting, hitting, slapping, poking, grabbing, pushing

See this training video about strangulation and the seriousness of that life-threatening act:

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